Flinders Lane

Flinders Lane is the essence of Modern Australian cuisine where cultures collide in the most delicious way. We take inspiration from the cuisines of nearby Southeast Asia and subtle influence from the food of British settlers mixed with that of Greek and Italian immigrants. A wide array of fresh seafood and a multitude of fruits and vegetable year round combined with the Australian attitude: No fussing, no over thinking, just bold, streamlined food made with the best ingredients available and a laser focus on flavor. This is the essence of Melbourne’s cultural heritage.

Our name is a nod to the laneways of Melbourne – gritty urban enclaves where mainstream culture takes a back seat to allow for vibrant street art, unique galleries, edgy fashion, tiny cafes and hidden bars. Often missed by tourists, these laneways are a veritable treasure trove of epicurean delights and cutting edge restaurants. Our goal is to bring this slice of home to the energy of New York City offering an unlikely culinary equation that comes together under one roof.

Our Team