One of the greatest things about living in New York is that you can get anything, anytime, pretty much anywhere. However trying to find a decent feed at 2am on a Tuesday night can sometimes be a little tough. But ask someone in the restaurant business and they will no doubt reel off a slew of their favorite places for an after midnight snack. Why? Because we are kind of known for calling it a night just as the rest of the normal 9-5 world are getting up. You could say we work some pretty odd hours. And because of this, we are hungry at some pretty weird times. Here are my go to late night spots when I’m off the clock and looking for a late night feed.

Great NY Noodletown

Try their Ginger Scallion Noodle, baby pig on rice ($7.95) or combination congee. Wash it all down with Tsingtao Beer. Great people watching inside and out; doesn’t get much better.
Open 9am to 4am daily.
Address: 28 Bowery

Village Yokocho

Their Yakitori Combination is freakin’ amazing! Go with whatever your server recommends. To drink? Can’t go past their draft beer selection, it comes served in chilled mugs – awesome. Otherwise a bottle of sake. Be sure to adhere to the rules printed on the list ‘no sake bombs allowed’.
Open Sunday to Thursday till 2am. Friday/Saturday till 4am.
Address: 8 Stuyvesant Street


I’m including these guys as who doesn’t want fried chicken after midnight? They have a few different flavors but I can’t resist their ‘Spicy Fried Chicken’ with a side of Kimchi Pancakes ($8.05).
Open until 3/4am most nights except Sunday (shuts at midnight).
Address: 9 St Marks Pl

East Village Pizza

No New Yorker in their right mind ever turns down a good slice. This is my go to spot when I want some greasy pizza goodness. Keep it simple with their cheese ($3.36) or pepperoni slice ($4.48). Grab a seat in the window and watch people sway their way home – quite entertaining!
Open 11am to 5am daily.
Address: 145 1st Avenue

Pak Punjab Deli

You can’t beat the incredible flavors of North Indian cuisine. What’s more, you can feast on all types of delicious curries for a total bargain price.. My go to dishes at this EV spot are the Saag, Yellow Lentil Dahl, Roti with a side of Mango Chutney. Chat with a cabbie taking a break on his overnight shift or simply listen to their banter. Had a few too many drinks? Then avoid that hangover with water from their Gatorade cooler!
Open 24 hours.
Address: 50 2nd Ave

Tijuana Picnic

This list wouldn’t be complete without a solid taco spot! Try their shrimp tacos ($12) with a side of chicken skewers ($10). Feeling like you aren’t quite ready to call it a night? Then hit the cocktail list and wash it down with any one of their wicked tequila based cocktails ($10+). Beautiful people in a beautiful setting
Open Sunday-Tuesday to midnight
Saturday 6pm to 1am.
Address: 151 Essex Street