Summer in New York is one of the my favorite times of the year. For three months very little ‘work’ gets done as everyone is too busy attending fabulous rooftop parties or down by the beach at more fabulous parties in The Hamptons. This to me means drinking lots of delicious white and rosé wine all summer long! Given that you are probably consuming more than during the winter months, it can be hard not to break the bank when trying to find a quality drop. Here is my pick of the top wines for summer under $15 wholesale that taste like they cost a lot more and that you should be able to find at any decent wine store in NYC.

Tahbilk Marsanne
A southern Rhone variety grown in Central Victoria from an estate renowned for their shiraz which comes from 100+ year old vines. Dry with notes of ginger, straw and barley sugar, this wine delivers far more than its price point.

Pewsey Vale Riesling
Australian Riesling is a hidden gem – dry with notes of lemons and limes and an almost searing acidity making this category an amazing summer selection. Its flexible with a range of dishes from summer salads to spicy Asian making this a staple for the warmer months.

Chapoutier Bila Haut Rose
You can’t enjoy the summer months without the libation of rosé. A glass of rosé screams summer is upon us. This rosé is dry and pale in color with notes of watermelon, tomato leaf and a crisp refreshing finish.

Route du Van Chardonnay
This is a great value pick from Victoria, Australia that shows grapefruit, match stick and citrus notes married well with a kiss of oak which is well integrated. Chardonnay often comes with a premium price tag but this wine doesn’t disappoint for the price tag.